Diabetes Success Plan

Do you need a practical step-by-step plan to say goodbye to unhealthy habits that cause obesity, diabetes, burnout, high blood sugar, high insulin and high cortisol and have someone to hold you accountable?


  • You are overweight, burnout and have (pre) diabetes: you feel miserable

  • Your blood sugar is too high

  • You are breathing too fast

  • You sleep a few hours and wake up freqeuntly

  • You want to change your habits but don’t know where to start or you have started to make some changes but it’s not working

  • You don’t know how to get off the couch

  • You’ve tried every diet but it doesn’t work

  • You are stressed all day

  • You try to put boundaries, but they are not strong enough and others always find a way for you to turn your NO into a YES

  • You try to say NO when others ask you something, but your guilt feelings are so strong that you start doubting yourself

  • You numb your feelings with food

  • You try to schedule some time for yourself but as soon as you run out of time, the time which you have allocated for yourself is the first one that gets taken away.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Lower your blood sugar, lose weight and sleep better

  • Feeling energized, in control and HAPPIER

  • Feeling calm and confident to stand up for yourself

  • Prioritizing your own needs without feeling guilty

  • Setting boundaries and following through with them no matter what

  • Tuning into who you really are and confidently showing up as this person even if this means disappointing others

  • Having the confidence to let go of relationships, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve you 


  • Taking daily actions towards becoming and showing up as the best version of yourself

  • Being surrounded by a group of like-minded women walking the same path as you




Your Action and Accountability Club to help you get rid of your unhealthy habits for good.


Designed specifically for women who want to say goodbye to their unhealthy habits and need accountability to move into action. Sometimes you just need the right approach and support to get out of your own way. The Diabetes Success Program helps you to take action to overcome your unhealthy habits by following a 13-week step-by-step action plan where you are held accountable to take action and tune in to a more healthy and authentic version of yourself.


This program will give you the power, confidence, and knowledge you need to stop unhealthy habits to lower your blood sugar, lose weight and become fitter. Inside the program you will discover:

  • The type of unhealthy pattern you’re in and where, how, and why this pattern is present in your life

  • How to better manage your mind to get what you want

  • My best tools for creating empowering habits for healthier blood sugars, losing weight and becoming fitter 

  • Practical tools to improve your boundary setting skills and saying NO skills

  • Proven strategy to overcome emotional eating

  • Why a high blood sugar, being overweight and burnout starts with YOU  

  • Why it is crucial to reduce chronic stress as it finally breaks down your whole system  

  • Tools to reduce stress by improving sleep and breathing  

  • How to stop numbing negative feelings and work on underlying trauma


  • How to reset your nervous system

  • How an Insulin Friendly Lifestyle is KEY: you will learn how, when and what to eat to lower your blood sugar and cortisol, lose weight, become fitter and recover from burnout

13-Week LIVE Group Coaching Program

The 13 weeks group program includes 13 weekly x 90 minute group coaching sessions. Over the course of the 13 weeks, we go through a practical step-by-step action plan on how you can build your healthy muscles and take daily actions towards releasing your unhealthy habits. To support you on your transformational journey, you will have a weekly Action Book with tasks to complete and a private Facebook Group to keep you accountable.


Phase 1 – From an unconscious overweight and burnout person to a conscious healthy person

This phase is to help you to understand your unhealthy habits; how you became overweight, burnout and have high blood sugars  and why you do so. Once you can understand why you behave the way you do, you can start to take conscious steps towards changing your behavior.

  • Week 1:

  • Assess which unhealthy habits you have and where you’re stuck.

  • Week 2:

    Energy Recharge Kit, a tool to help you recharge your energy in 10 days

  • Week 3:

  • Become a master of your habits

Phase 2 – Build new skills and your health muscles

This phase is to build your health muscles and help you to start prioritizing yourself and turning your people-pleasing into ME-pleasing! You will start to take small daily actions to build your non-people-pleasing muscles.

  • Week 4: Know How, When and What to Eat with Insulin Friendly Living


  • Week 5: Set boundaries! Set boundaries to protect what matters the most to you and start saying NO.

  • Week 6: How chronic stress spikes blood sugar, cortisol and insulin making you obese and burnout


  • Week 7: Overcome emotional eating 


  • Week 8: Recover unhealthy breathing


  • Week 9: Prioritize sleep with a sleeping routine

  • Week 10: Reset your nervous system

  • Week 11: Overcome negative emotions and feel happy

  • Week 12: Burnout Reset Roadmap

Phase 3 – Embody the recovered unhealthy habits in you

In the last phase, you get to embody the next version of you as a recovered unhealthy person.


  • Week 13: Embody the next version of you and create a plan with habits that will sustain long-term to lower your blood sugar, cortisol and insulin to keep off weight and recover from burnout. 



(Payment Plan)



3 Monthly Payments

9 x 90 minutes LIVE group coaching sessions on Zoom (replay available).


Weekly Action Book with exercises and journal prompts to support you to take action.

Access to a Private Facebook Group community where you can get support and support others, be held accountable and where you can celebrate your wins.


billed monthly



Pay in One Go

9 x 90 minutes LIVE group coaching sessions on Zoom (replay available).​


Weekly Action Book with exercises and journal prompts to support you to take action.

Access to a Private Facebook Group community where you can get support and support others, be held accountable and where you can celebrate your wins.


one time payment

+3 BONUSES (value $438)


  • - Discovered broken patterns in your life that currently hold you stuck, causing

weight gain, burnout, diabetes, high blood sugar and high cortisol

- Lowered your blood sugar, insulin and cortisol

  • - Learned HOW, WHEN and WHAT to eat to live a INSULIN FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE

    - Lost weight and become fitter

  • - Developed an unstoppable mindset

  • - Developed a better relationship with yourself

  • - Learned to be comfortable with setting boundaries

  • - Created a new routine where you are the boss of your time, energy, health and life

  • - Learned practical tools to use in your day-to-day life

  • - Developed new habits that will empower you as you continue your healthy life 

  • - Become a more authentic version of yourself where you are in charge and in control of your life


  • - Have reached a point in your life where change is a MUST

  • - You want to be surrounded by like-minded women who also work

  • towards releasing their unhealthy habits and start losing weight,

  • becoming fitter and reversing (pre)diabetes

  • - You want to be supported and held accountable to take action

  • - Ready to fully commit to yourself

  • - Are willing to do things that will be out of your comfort zone


  • - Are not willing to invest time and effort to make the changes necessary in your life

  • - Are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone


Dukkie, diabetes type 2


‘’My biggest problem was that I had to inject more and more insulin, eventually 150 units.


My intern advised me to have a gastric bypass... and then I started this program.


In a very short time, I was able to

reduce insulin by 92 %. Eventually I dropped from 150 units to 12 units a day, lost 11 kg and my Hba1c dropped from 10.7% to 6.1%.


I feel much better and have much more energy!’’

Esther, Reversed Pre-diabetes


“I am so glad I started the program! My fasting blood sugar dropped from 7.5 % to 5.5 %. And I don’t need to take metformin.


I gained back my energy and finally lost 25 kilos. Stick to the plan, follow the process, really works.

A real personal transformation..”



I get it. Investing in yourself can feel really scary, especially when it’s your first time. There is a lot of fear and doubt that can come up. Like what if it doesn’t work? What if I don’t change or don’t like it?

I really want to normalize this feeling because our brain is designed in a way where it wants to keep us safe and small, so stepping outside your comfort zone is often going to bring up these feelings.

I want to invite you to trust and back yourself. I have felt this fear come up every time I have invested in myself, and I know that I wouldn’t be here without having done so. My growth, success and fulfillment has ten fold since investing in myself that very first time, and so I invite you to do the same.

If you have more questions or would like some more clarity before making the right decision for you, then I’d love to chat with you! Book a free discovery call ASAP below. If you are serious about overcoming your unhealthy habits, I suggest taking this next step whilst it’s available to you.